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How EMDR can help with motivation and feeling stuck.

Are you getting in your own way?

Do you wonder why you sabotage your own goals?

Have you avoided new risks and challenges because you fear failure and what people are going to think of you if you do not succeed?

Are you stuck idling when you long to finally get moving along your life journey?

What can you do to turn things around? How can you get “unstuck”?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy may be the help you’re looking for.

Perhaps you thought EMDR was just for trauma treatment and PTSD recovery? Most people do. However, innovations in EMDR therapy prove it to be effective in helping a much wider spectrum of people.

EMDR does help people who are stuck in a mental and emotional trauma cycle quite successfully. Additionally, it helps people like you become less stuck in their professional or personal lives, and to start seeing some growth and success.

How EMDR Therapy Can Help You Get Unstuck and More Motivated

Sometimes we know what holds us back. There are wrinkles in our plans and roadblocks to our success and contentment that are plain and easily addressed. But when we’re really stuck in life, something is usually going on underneath our mental and emotional surfaces.

Those kinds of internal barriers confine us and limit us in ways we might not be able to pinpoint without some therapeutic help.

EMDR is a unique type of treatment. It doesn’t rely on just talk therapy for answers. It employs interpretation and bilateral stimulation to guide relief and responses. This is beneficial when your negative thoughts or mental obstacles are buried in your subconscious or unconscious mind.

EMDR helps change negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones

A trained and experienced EMDR therapist can assist you in identifying past experiences that may have eroded your self-confidence and initiated a set of unhelpful or negative beliefs. Using EMDR to process and find freedom can enhance your performance at work and increase interest and motivation across the board.


These 3 key factors make EMDR an ideal way to boost motivation:

EMDR helps you release negative thoughts

I am not good enough, I’m dumb, I don’t deserve happiness or success. EMDR helps target such negative beliefs. Seminal events or incidents that fuel beliefs regarding worthiness, capability or usefulness can be addressed comprehensively.

EMDR helps you release unproductive memories of the past

Memories of past failure can do a number on confidence and future accomplishment. Recalling times when people told you that you couldn’t succeed can drain motivation, too. Recollection of childhood discouragement easily upends many of our adult goals as well. EMDR targets those memories and trains our brains to focus instead on more edifying beliefs and positive memories of our successes.

EMDR helps you visualize success

If you’ve struggled for a long time with lagging motivation, you might not know what inspiration and success feel like anymore. EMDR helps quell the anxious fear that you may no longer be able to even visualize the success you want.

Unique to EMDR is the installation phase and future template. When difficult memories and negative beliefs are processed, you then install a positive belief. In the last phase of EMDR, clients visualize life experiences that would ordinarily disturb them until they are able to visualize managing the stressor optimally. When all is said and done, the visualization process provides a true sense of success.

Finally, EMDR provides a time-efficient way for your brain to link to healthy, more adaptive ways to thrive. You become aware of mental obstacles, remove them, and start identifying and connecting with your own inner strengths.

Sooner rather than later your mind is restored to peak performance and your energy rebounds. Best of all, you can live the life you hoped for.

Take the first step…

If you are ready to consider EMDR therapy as a means to get you unstuck and to increase your motivation, I would like to help.

Contact me today for your free consultation at 813-574-7644 or

Your friend,

Nicole Pankey, LMHC, CCTP

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